• Warning: Spoilers
    A young teenager (Craig Sheffer) from a prison camp falls in love with a young teenager (Virginia Madsen) in a Catholic School. Their current predicaments are preventing them from seeing each other as much as they want too, so they plan to evade the law, and run away together.

    Ah, yes. Young love. I thought this movie was OK. The story itself is potentially powerful, but that's the key word "potentially" The movie fails to capitalize on its immense potential, and instead goes a rather conventional route for the most part. My main problem with this movie is the underdevelopment of the two leads. Craig Sheffer (Joe) and Virginia Madesen (Lisa) we are only given a brief explanation as to why Joe is in a prison camp, and we barely know anything about Lisa. Not to mention that their love story feels awfully contrived and fairly bland as well. I didn't buy them as a couple fully in love, no matter how hard they tried to make me do so. Sheffer and Madsen's performances are fine, but they aren't given enough to work with, and that's a crying shame, because the potential for a classic romance film was here. They just lacked that special connection I was looking for. The ending will most likely split viewers in half. It is happy, but some will like its ambiguity, others will be like me, and not care for it too much. It kind of ended abruptly for my liking, after a fairly exciting chase in the woods. The song "Fire with Fire" Is an unheralded 80's classic, though.

    Final Thoughts: It's far from terrible. It certainly keeps your attention, but it's just sort of there, and disappointing. Worth a look, but keep your expectations in check