• Warning: Spoilers
    It's supposed to be a Halloween story, so my daughter and I were expecting a cute moody, eerie, haunted type of story. Maybe a witch's or vampire's castle... something, anything. There would be so many ways for the toys to actually end up somewhere clasically creepy... abandoned funhouse, amusement park, attic of old house. They could've parodied Scooby Doo and solved a mystery.

    But it was a blatant recycle of the Toy Story 2 plot - lonely, creepy guy with glasses tries to sell the toys and the toys need to work together to get away from him. In a very generic motel. No Halloween mood at all. Not even a Halloween toy. And the mystery was solved halfway into the show, and it became yet another toy trapped in a box, behind the glass in a case, etc. Lame. And what's the with the iguana that acts like a dog? Why not just a dog?

    Only positive thing is that it was nice to get the A-List actors back together for a short special. And Combat Carl (Carl Weathers) was a slick addition (plus his pint sized friend with the sped up voice), but otherwise... ugh. 5 out of 10. Think Cars 2 quality of craftsmenship on this one. Bad script.