• Doug Riley (James Gandolfini) is in a desolate marriage with his wife Lois (Melissa Leo). They have been that way since their 15 year old daughter Emily was killed in a car accident. Doug goes on a business trip to New Orleans and he befriends stripper Allison (Kristen Stewart). He tries to be a father figure to her.

    I have difficulty determining whether it's gritty and realistic or horribly tripe and contrived. I'm leaning toward contrived but I am still willing to like it. All three leads do good acting. Kristen Steward is her usual angry rebellious self. Of course she's tough but yet vulnerable. Gandolfini is a little bit less emoting. He's playing a kind of father-knows-best character. Melissa Leo absolutely hits it out of the park. She's barely holding it together at times. Then she shifts effortlessly into mother hen mode. She is the jewel of the movie.