• Warning: Spoilers
    I have nothing in common with these people expect that I am of Italian decent (2nd generation). A lot of what they get up to makes me sick but I think i enjoy this show so much because its entertaining to see the different personalities and strange behavior. Its definitely not boring. The girls show a lot of booby flesh, dance crazy and provocatively, fight, make up and sometimes have sex. The guys, Vinnie and Pauly D in particular, often pick up chicks for one night stands. Its fun to watch the relationships within the group, the arguing, making up, and its hard not to find something to like about each one. I don't think most of the low scoring reviews are being honest. I think people should get off their high horses and rate this show truthfully. You might not agree with certain behavior, but you still watch it. Whats up with that?? My rating is based on my enjoyment factor. I want to own the series on DVD. 10/10