• To me there are two SG-1's. Seasons 1,9, & 10 should have been lost in some distant galaxy and forgotten ever existed. The other seasons are cherished campy fun Sci-Fi at its best. Which is probably why you see so many reviews with extremely different opinions. If you can, breeze quickly through some of the first season to get the story plot and ignore the filler episodes and ignore anything after season eight, then you will appreciate the show much better.

    As a quick guide for the first season, just skip episodes 3,4,5 and 11. These are really bad filler episodes that skipping will not hurt future viewing at all. You could skip 14 and 15 but it does have some backstory to it. If I had to rate this show overall it gets a seven. However it would deserve a none or ten if they never did season 1,9, & 10.