• Warning: Spoilers
    The question to Lucky (Dorothy Lamour), proffered by notorious stock broker Robert Cain, Sr., to her in the prison visiting room, is "Where will you go?" Coming toward the end of this 1940 prison\gangster melodrama JOHNNY APOLLO, this exchange wraps up the first meeting between Lucky and her beloved's dad. Uncle Henry already has been ice-picked in the steam room, Auntie Em is no where to be seen, and Lucky cannot find Samuel Beckett to write her a speech - - so she just sings for her suppers. This is a story of buttermilk and booze, of stock and broads, of Boilermakers and Wildcats. It's more EAST OF EDEN than SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. It's from the Golden Age of Newspapers, and the headlines never screamed "alleged." As for Mom's mink coat, it probably would have taken Lucky a lot further in 1940 than mine can take me today (I Mae put it back on Craig's List for this Christmas Season; please stay tuned).