• Warning: Spoilers
    Hey ya'll this be a Christmas movie so just try and enjoy it!!! I did!! Any movie with Christina Milian in it is sure to be watchable just for her being in it. This film is a fantasy about a magic snow globe (hence the title) that is delivered to a girl in search of the perfect Christmas. She is transported to a quaint New England style olde thyme village. Here she gets her dream but she learns that getting what you wish for may not be all that good. She meets white bread America at the village, thinks one guy is perfect, goes home through the globe, he follows and is wowed by the big city, his real girlfriend comes looking for him, they learn about the globe and the guy wants to return but the girl doesn't, the globe gets dropped and broken and Christina gets returned to the village alone. This is when she learns that perfect is not what it is cracked up to be at times. She gets another globe and returns to her world, the two villagers return, and she hooks up with the latest guy her parents have rented a studio too. I enjoy these type of movies at this time of the year.