• Perhaps this film sets an example of 60s social drama with highly dramatic sequences, with all the characters tied with each other. The audiences are all aware what's going to happen in the climax. Just as most of the 60s productions from Madras, there is a bit much of everything like many tear jerking tragedies, unrealistic characters (who are either too selfish or much generous..... perhaps very different from the normal people). The film is quite particular in terms that it's a typical 60s Hindi drama where the audiences would enter the cinema hall and get indulged for 3 hours with the regular gimmicks of a family story. But this one fails to become a classic due to the card board characters it has like the head of the family played by Ashok Kumar (he's good with his role but he has appeared in such roles umpteenth of times), alcoholic son played by Raaj Kumar and a loyal girl brought up by Ashok Kumar, played by Mala Sinha. On a whole, the film would have been pretty good at the time of its release; but at this date, the film is quite boring. Anyway, go for "Aradhana" or "Saathi" from the same era which are better in terms of narration and direction.

    Rating: 1 star out of 4