• Warning: Spoilers
    Korean cinema, not too well-known outside of film festival circuits and high-minded movie lovers. THE TOWER, however, might just bridge that gap and introduce to the world what Korea has to offer. THE TOWER is pretty much one of those old disaster flicks, THE TOWERING INFERNO comes to mind, that's been updated. On Christmas Eve, a 100-story apartment building is celebrating the holiday season. However, trouble ensues when a passing helicopter crashes into it. Now residents are trapped by fires, without electricity, as rescue workers struggle to get them out before the tower collapses. Like in all disaster films, we're introduced to a large cast. Most of whom wind up dying. Of the main characters, they include a security guard desperately trying to reach his young daughter, heroic firefighters (one who'd prefer to put himself in danger rather than be home with his wife), and a group of Christians desperate for a miracle. The film is beautifully shot and directed, and every performance is spot-on. At turns heart-rending, tragic, comic and pulse-pounding, the viewer will not be let down. So if you haven't seen it yet, go rent it now and add it to your holiday list.