• Warning: Spoilers
    Now this is a great movie. Thank you holiday season. If they had named this "Being Robin Wright" that would have just been too spot on. This has got so much going on, and there is just so much great movie here. The basic story is a jumbled mess that you need to watch all the way through to really get the pay off, but there are so many wondrous things to see, and fantastic ideas put in play. The actors are all great, and the voice acting is just as emotionally gripping as the live performances. What a cast. You will have to suspend all your reasoning, and just let the movie take you through this Alice in wonderland sensation that just never seems to stop. There is a lot of the first time you ever saw the Matrix in here, and half the movie is like A Scanner Darkly drawn by Don Bluth back in the Last Unicorn days, and I loved this art. You will feel like you just stepped into the Cool World version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and it will take you some time to adjust. There is very little wrong with this movie, and so much has been done "Wright" that I really Enjoyed it, and would recommend this movie to anyone looking for something new. Great ending, so perfectly complete. There is a really new experience here, and you will enjoy most if not all of it as much as I did. Find a way to see, then support "The Congress".