• 8 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    You know all those scenes from Tarantino movies where characters talk about random stuff to each other? Tarantino does them right. Whoever did this movie does not.

    That would not be much of a problem if there was more to this movie, however that is ALL that this movie is. No action, just those rambling stories.

    I liked few jokes in scene in a car between guy with dreads and guy with glasses, but that was just about only barely OK part of entire movie.

    As I marked this 'spoiler' here's a big one ... there is no bank robbery. The entire thing is basically just bunch of guys talking about how they are going to do it, and then just nothing.

    It left me feeling disappointed. In a bad way. Like being young in back of the car with girl, but her going 'this is as far as I go' and going home with blue balls. Not cool.