• Warning: Spoilers
    Ira Levin's story of a diabolical plot to turn housewives into robots is made into a mild film by director Bryan Forbes. Katherine Ross moves to a sleepy Connecticut town only to find that the men, who meet every night, are turning their wives into drones who do nothing but serve them & do housework. Oddly, despite the horrific premise, there's nary a thrill in this snail paced film. Ross brings a lot of pepper to her role and she's ably supported by the likes of Peter Masterson, Tina Louise, Nanette Newman and, best of all, Paula Prentiss. Prentiss is very lively as Ross's kooky friend. It's unfortunate that this very sunny film is not scary in the slightest; it's just dull. Owen Roizman's cinematography is terrific but there's not much else to recommend.