• Naruto Shippūden Movie 3: Inheritors Of The Will Of Fire was a very well done film. It was a movie with a lot of action, plenty of characters and awesome animations fluent enough to give the viewer pretty nice visuals. A major thing to appreciate about Inheritors of the Will Of Fire is the plot. A unique thing about it that other films of the franchise are missing is that instead of making up some completely new plot out of nowhere, it centers on existing main characters of the canon plot instead. I also love how it places all characters under a choice in one way or another in this movie.

    It centers around the 'Will Of Fire' belief and how Kakashi(Naruto's Sensei) is trying to sacrifice himself for his village at least if not the Ninja World. He taught Naruto and Sakura very early on in the series that those who break the rules and abandoning their missions are considered trash, yet those who abandon their friends and comrades are considered worse than trash. Naruto must make a choice to listen to his master now and stay out of his way, or to follow the words he taught them before and go after him. His classmates like Shikamaru are also put in a decision to help or to stop them. This is one of the only Naruto Movies that's Key Plot CANNOT exist with out the story of the original series. Sure the plot technically is non-canon, but, it's something that teaches you or at least reminds you of something the canon Naruto series is always saying at full force: You can't abandon your comrades. It is why Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto states in the credits "I hope this movie stays with you forever" Amazing Movie and one of the best 'Naruto' films yet.