• Warning: Spoilers
    I absolutely hate the inconsistent way they resolve the cases. One of them will, OUTTA NOWHERE come up with some phrase or thought that will magically turn into the solution to a problem they haven't dug for long enough.

    There's one episode where a kid is missing and the teacher is trying to save them. So when he's interrogated he says "I was trying to save them" and one of the cop guys starts going "save them ...save them" so he gets excited and writes "saved them" on a paper. now that's MAGICALLY the password to this guy's computer. I mean, seriously? who the frack comes up with this bull? I've wrote movies/video games/TV shows 100 times better than this and I can't find anyone to give me an opportunity, but these pot heads are writing full seasons?

    PS: how THIS show gets as many seasons but firefly doesn't is beyond me.