• I always thought of Ameer Sultan as one of the more advanced directors in Tamil cinema, who often came up with different kinds of films, often with some sensible, emotional weight. 'Raam' fit perfectly into this category.

    With a good, strong story, 'Raam' revolves around a small set of characters. It was a good mystery, employing my favorite methods of telling a mystery story; by swapping from the past to the present, to and fourth, each time getting closer to the big climax. If I had to credit the films success to anyone, I would have to give it to Jiiva. Despite being a relatively new-comer, he performed astoundingly well. He completely justified being the title character and made the film happen.

    Sultan did a good job of quickly establishing the characters, without dragging the film at any point. The mystery was successfully maintained throughout, and the music score was good. The mother and son relationship portrayed here was touching, and the emotion was truly created because the characters were so well written, with Saranya and Jiiva playing them just right.

    Overall, 'Raam' was a good watch, particularly meant for those few that like a good story oriented mystery thriller.