• Jennifer Burrows (Claire Forlani) and Ryan Walker (Freddie Prinze Jr.) first time meet on a flight to LA as kids. Four years later, they both go to the same high school. She's the home coming queen and a free spirit. He's the lowly geeky mascot. Then at Berkeley, he's the geeky guy with high school girlfriend Betty (Alyson Hannigan) who's going away to Seattle. He has a roommate (Jason Biggs), and runs into Jennifer again who gets dumped by her committed boyfriend.

    What's with Jason Biggs' hair? Forlani's character is wildly inconsistent. Her persona is a little more serious than this free spirit character. Freddie is not the geeky boy type. They're both miscast for their roles. There isn't anything undeniably wrong with this movie, but it just doesn't have the charm. It doesn't have any comedy either.