• Warning: Spoilers
    the rettendon range rover murders has become a franchise, four films,7 books, countless websites, more movies in the pipeline, is that a bad thing, judge for yourself. this movie though takes place 18 years after the infamous range rover murders, and is about a group of lads who have essentialy became the new essex boys, only smarter, and more ruthless. there is a pretty good story here, and people who know the essex boys/range rover murders story well will find a lot of good twists and turns and references to the true events, and one character from the true story appears here, so there is a lot of fun to be had here if you are a fan of the story. the movie is actually a direct sequel to 'the fall of the essex boys', witch was a true account of the essex boys reighn of terror, and while this movie isn't as good as that, its a solid sequel all around and i recommend it to people who like the story, and enjoyed the previous essex boys films.