• 16 February 2014
    We all have a number 1 film, a favourite which we HAVE rather than want to watch over and over again.

    Stalker is that number 1 for me.

    The evergreen, like that very tshirt you resent being in the washer.

    Every time I watch it I get new details, explore new shades and colours, as it happens with any multi layered work of art.

    That said, I am not going to waste words offering my personal interpretation of this masterpiece, there are a lot around already, some good too.

    I can understand, let me add, why some people didn't quite get the point of this incredible journey inside and across the humans spirit.

    I'd say 2 are the main reasons why people might not like this movie: 1) they read the book and could barely find tiny similarities in the story, although the Strugatskiy brothers had a big part in putting together the script (incredibly, they insisted in spite of the countless differences from their book that Tarkovsky's story was ways deeper and important than their own); 2) more likely, people were simply expecting an action packed sci-fi flick and had to go through a slow paced introspective expedition, and most people don't like to do that, especially when it's least expected. They find it inconvenient and disturbing. They rather choose movies offering a vacation from their lives, so they don't have to think of anything while nibbling at popcorn.

    Sometimes I got sort of punked too in the past, I was all charged and ready for an action flick with my popcorn, drink, laser sabre and ended up getting involved into a slow spiritual-psychological story instead. It may feel kind of like a meeting hook, I know.

    The difference resides in the fact that I fully enjoyed it.