• Hot on the heels on the film Rush, here is a BBC documentary chronicling the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda in that fateful 1976 Formula season that had a profound effect on both their lives.

    It is a riveting documentary mixing archive footage (some footage newly discovered) with new interviews. It is also aimed at the general viewer, so there is a lot of explanations for the novice including explaining the points scoring system.

    It also goes for the old stereotypes as well. Lauda is driven, efficient, getting the best out of the team and this all done with Kraftwerk singing Autobahn!

    Hunt is the good time playboy. The reckless Hunt the shunt, who hits the big time by getting a drive with Mclaren. He falls behind to Lauda as the Austrian amasses a big points tally until his horrendous accident.

    Although the tale is familiar and been told previously it is still told in an thrilling way.