• The USP of every horror movie is its ability to spook or scare its audience out of their wits. The primary reason a horror movie fan walks into a theater is to get frightened and its the only thing which is expected from such films.

    Sadly, Darr@Mall fails on this count, scare you is the last thing it does. The attempt is very amateurish and is presented like a high school stage play.

    Amity Mall (a take off on the Amityville horror series) is a mall somewhere in India where spooky happenings and mysterious deaths surround the place, threatening to close it down. The owners decide to sell it after an event which they plan in order to extnguish everyone's fear in the mall.

    The event goes uneventfully, but soon after 5 people get trapped in the mall and get killed one by one by more than a single spook who have an agenda of their own and have a soft corner for the lead actor Jimmy Shergill which is revealed in "oh really?" type of flashback in the end, which is so clear that you would be pretty stupid not to have noticed the connection right from the beginning.

    The best part is an firang item girl who speaks heavy accented Hindi but surprisingly sings in very good Hindi (maybe some of the ghosts might have possessed her). But to give credit, she is the only one who does justice to her character, she is expected to look hot and she was good at that.

    But it does have all other ingredients in place, you have a dumb heroine, a survivor hero, a mediocre Villain, a hot item girl and false scares.

    The music is bad, the screenplay is dumb, the direction is awful and the acting is third rate.

    You want to get scared, go and watch the reruns of the Ramsay Movies or better still watch the Zee horror show on you tube.