• It will stay up there with the greatest shows. Breaking Bad was my first ever exposure to TV series. Then I started The Sopranos and frankly speaking, I was not that impressed with the first 2-3 episodes. Even you may feel bored but that's because of the exposure to the 2000s shows. Give it time and you will see.

    Then, the momentum took care of everything. I grew so fond of the characters, the deepness, the large amount of humor and the actual mob story, that I started watching 4-5 episodes a day. After completing Season One, I wanted more. But then I thought I should write why it is one of the greatest shows.

    Because it deals with mafia stories. It is original in its own way and maybe the use of humor has something to do with my fondness. The expressions, the phrases, the figures of speech keep me hooked. The arcs of characters are mind-boggling. They strike you at the right chords. After 13 episodes of blissful crime-drama, I can really term it up with the likes of BB. Although BB is a new-age contemporary, The Sopranos was cool in the since the 90s. So if you are into crime TV shows, this is staple and a classic.

    BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended! The characters ought to stay with you for long... But if you are watching it now in the 2014s, there has got to be a sense of boredom because of our exposure to crime contemporaries like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sherlock, etc..