• This entry in PRC's Texas Ranger series has the trio of Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill and Guy Wilkerson work a Mr.Inside/Mr.Outside approach to taking on The Devil's Brand gang who specialize in cattle rustling. Perennial western villain I. Stanford Jolley heads the gang which leaves a calling card of a pitchfork so that everyone knows it's there work. Nice to have a trademark. Personally if I was in that business I think anonymity is where it's at.

    O'Brien and Newill help Ellen Hall whose ranch has been pilfered and who can identify the leader. Wilkerson works to infiltrate the gang and his calling card is fine line of running irons, best to change cattle brands with.

    These rustlers are pretty dumb to fall for this plan because it's so obvious these guys are working together. It's all pretty dumb and the production is shoddy. But par for the course for a PRC film.