• I wanted to like this game. I really did. But I'm sorry. I hated this game. It wasn't engaging, the cast was just a bunch of idiotic stereotypes, and it had little to no storyline.

    It had great setup. I liked the idea that the plot was set up to revolve around the embryos in the shaving cream can. But they don't take advantage of it. Other than that, there really isn't much of a story.

    And you can literally list off all the characters by their stereotypes.

    Gerry: The Neglective Father.

    Jess: The Teenage Girl

    Nima: The Hot Mercenary

    Dr. Sorkin: The Animal Rights Activist

    Oscar: The Tough Guy

    Yoder: The "Ladies Man"

    The writing is terrible, the characters are forgettable, and luckily, is the only bad Telltale game that I've ever played. I suggest that you leave this game behind in the prehistoric era and find something different.