• I would like to preface this by saying Nick Kroll gets me.

    Kroll Show is a skit show that mainly lampoons the horrible reality that is current, unscripted, television. Each sketch flows naturally into the next and the characters that grace my TV every Tuesday night, are simultaneously ridiculous and all too true to life. The way current reality TV is heading some of these fake shows aren't too far away anyways. This is the one show that I force my friends to watch with me and they're all better for it.

    I have seen a ton of stand up comedy, and for whatever reason, I've had the pleasure of seeing Kroll around 15 times and every single time he had the whole theater rolling in the isles. Easily one of my top 5 live performers, and as if God was reading my diary, Comedy Central game him a show .

    What I really want to use this platform to say that we all owe the executives at Comedy Central a big hug for green lighting this triumph of comedy.