• Warning: Spoilers
    The Plot: Youngistaan is a romantic movie set up in the backdrop of political scenario. It is a very light movie and indeed different from the usual ones. No melodrama neither when the romance is handled nor when politics is handled.

    Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky Bhagnani) is happily settled in Japan Professionally (in a high flying job) and also personally (in a live-in relationship with Anwita Chauhan essayed by Neha Sharma). Everything is going great and that is when he learns about his father Dashrath Kaul's (Boman Irani) ill-health who is the Prime minister of India. On father's demise, Abhimanyu is propelled into the nation's highest political seat i.e. of Prime Minister. Dashrath Kaul before dying leaves him in the trusted care of his PA and Adviser, Akbar (Farooque Sheikh).

    The movie is the journey of a young man who has strayed into politics as the acting Prime Minister until the next election, which is six months away. He tries to handle the not so popular ruling party (of his father), the Akhil Bharatiya Kranti Party (ABKP) and its seasoned party members, at times tactfully, and at times in a shrewd manner. He does take efforts to balance his professional and personal life.

    The flip side of the movie is that it neither showcases hardcore politics nor romance. We have a young Prime Minister who is unconventional in his thoughts, who feels, it is absolutely alright not to follow typical neta type dress-code or even to have a live-in girl friend carrying his child.

    But I feel that, Lok Sabha election being around the corner, the timing was absolutely perfect to launch Youngistaan. But somewhere the effort has fizzled since no current issues are highlighted, no specific change is suggested and no specific message is mentioned. Official Trailer:

    Direction, Story, Dialogue and Screenplay: The Director, Syed Ahmad Afzal, has taken a different approach to project this film on political drama cum romance. He has tried to convey the message very very lightly without emphasizing on serious things. Probably he did not want to make a hard core political or romantic movie.

    Story, Dialogue and Screenplay by Syed Ahmad Afzal, Ramiz Ilham Khan, Maitrey Bajpai are simple without much of melodrama. Even the speech at UN assembly by Abhimayu is written at a very ground level.

    Personally, I liked one dialogue of Abhimayu: When the person whom you love is angry with you, don't question him/ her, just go and hug him / her. That person simply needs you.

    Cast and their Performance: Jackky Bhagnani as Abhimanyu Kaul comes across a very lovable personality who is very presentable on screen. He is cool, composed even in midst of uncertainties, romours, oppositions, criticisms. His temperance is appreciable.

    Neha Sharma as Anwita Chauhan doesn't have much role apart from playing a girl-friend of acting Prime-minister, who suddenly finds herself in house arrest due to security issues. One can not deny that she has done justice to her role who is possessive, freedom loving, and at times immature and overbearing.

    Boman Irani as Dashrath Kaul , father of Abhimanyu, has a guest appearance only, but his presence is felt throughout the movie.

    Kayoze Irani as Zafar, Abhimayu's friend and Mita Vashishth, Abhimanyu' office personnel are good.

    But I want to make a special mention of Akbar, Abhimanyu's PA and Adviser, essayed by Farooq Sheikh. I adored every frame in which he was there. Loved his expressions and the way he dealt with Abhimanyu and his relationship with Anwita. Super cool. I am going to miss him on screen since this was his last movie.

    Music: Music is OK. Arijit crooning Suno na Sangemarmar (music by Jeet Ganguli and lyrics by Kausar Munir) is very good, and it is ranking high in the chartbusters. Youngistaan anthem (sung by Shree D, Ishq Bector) is good with its meaningful lyrics.

    Moments to watch out for: Farooq Sheikh on screen (unfortunately for the last time). Implementation of e-voting. Youngsters shouldering the responsibility to choose the leaders.

    Thumbs up: The very thought behind making the movie : Be the change, if you want change. A very light movie without political bloodshed.

    Thumbs down: The film fails to focus on either of the theme – Romance and Politics. Script and the idea is good, but less clarity as far as the screenplay is concerned. Abhimanyu's victory is not justified : what exactly he achieved during his tenure as Acting Prime Minister, which prompted the country to choose him ? His personal life and its issues were more in focus rather than the Election & winning strategies, Country's issues etc. The story does not develop at all till interval.