• Youngistaan Movie Review : The idea of Youngistaan might have germinated from the 'dance of democracy' brouhaha that our nation is currently witnessing with the vibrant political scenario. And with the Parliamentary elections looming large, the release of this film finds a suitably perfect time. But well- intentioned ideas do not necessarily translate into successful product.

    Debutant director Syed Ahmad Afzalmight have set his eyes on this ambitious yet sensitive subject like politics but somehow doesn't succeed in bringing out the interesting mix of drama, action, power and cynicism. The story which kicks off in Tokyo with an impressive background score(Salim Sulaiman) where Abhinav Kaul(Jackkie Vagnani)is working hard as a gamer and partying hard with his live-in girlfriend,Anvita(Neha Sharma) and pal( Kayoze Irani),takes a sudden U- turn to India's capital with the death of his father, Dasrath Kaul(Boman Irani, cameo) who happens to the country's PM. Overnight, his life is changed when he is entrusted with the responsibility of the country's most coveted seat of the acting PM.

    "With great power comes greater responsibility " – Abhi soon faces hostility from members within his party, delves deeper to unravel a scam.His bewilderment in the dirty game is no lesser than her girlfriend's continuing dismay who doesn't get any private time with him.At this juncture , his only confidante is the endearing PA to his late father ,Akbar uncle(Late Farooq Sheikh Saab) who silently encourages him at every step. Afzal seems to model his protagonist on the Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi where his stubbled looks, wardrobes and demeanor find a striking similarity but the plot focuses more on his personal life and the upheavals caused due to the media, with some purely avoidable inserts of comic elements. The narrative doesn't gather the necessary momentum and with a sloppy execution ,it touches the core issues only at the periphery. Some of the potential ideas which the film introduces like the youth reforms, e-voting are not pushed further and eventually they fall flat.

    Resultantly ,it doesn't offer much scope for Jackkie Vagnani who tries to pull-off with a committed performance but gets absorbed in the uninspiring scheme of affairs.Neha Sharma is sporty but falters in the emotional parts. It's a wise assortment of talented supporting casts like Mita Vasisth, Prakash Belawadi(of Madras Café fame) and Farooq Sheikh but none of their characters are sketched in an illustrious way.

    Overall, Youngistaan starts off well, makes tall claims and much like our nation's leaders,fails to deliver.