• Warning: Spoilers
    Ryan Walker (Prinze) & Jennifer Burrows (Forlani) have a history that goes way back, all the way to the time they met each other randomly on a flight. It continues off and on until college. The only problem is that both are in a relationship and they have contrasting personalities. Jennifer is funny, perceptive, wise, and beautiful. Ryan is an uptight mess that doesn't like to be out of his comfort zone. After a while, they become great friends. Things get a bit complicated when they develop feelings for each other.

    I saw this when it first came out years ago, strangely enough, I remember digging it. That is far from the case this time around. I was never bored, but it's one of the disingenuous romantic comedies I've seen in some time. Nothing in this movie felt genuine at all, despite the potential to be so. Right off the bat, we get conversations about orgasms and periods. When a romantic comedy pulls out all the stops in the beginning to try to get cheap laughs, you know you're in trouble. It tries to be clever and perceptive about the pratfalls of relationships to no avail. Despite the lame start, this movie did have potential to be a decent romantic comedy. It doesn't have the cast or the script to pull it off. It's also filled with unfunny slapstick that produces more groans than anything else. The only scene I laughed at is when Jason Biggs fakes being a priest and has a pool ball incident at a bar. That almost had me in stitches. The main problem is that I had trouble empathizing with any of the characters. All of them are rather obnoxious except for Biggs. Freddie Prinze Jr is a good guy in real life, but acting should have never been in his calling. His wooden style is painfully obvious. He lacks chemistry with Forlani and really brought the film down. Claire Forlani fares better and has the charm to spare. She's also gorgeous, but I felt her character was quite pretentious. There were a couple of times I wanted to smack her. Jason Biggs will never be known as a great actor, but I think he's funny. He injected some much needed life with his antics in this movie. The finale is completely clichéd and predictable. Forlani's monologue in the end made me cringe with how forced it sounded. Alyson Hannigan is wasted as a brief girlfriend of Prinze's. Amanda Detmer is OK as Forlani's odd friend.

    I wouldn't exactly call it horrible, but it was certainly mediocre for the most part. It comes across as extremely awkward and very phony. Romantic Comedy enthusiasts may wanna give this a look, but you're not missing anything