• Warning: Spoilers
    A missing scientist in London, kidnapped on the street, is the mystery here, although another one is the reason the abductors wanted him in the first place, who they are and what the scientist had they wanted. All the audience can do is assume as details are vague and only a few are revealed. American FBI agent George Raft wants to find the scientists, supposedly involved in nuclear experimentation, and does so with pretty British agent Sally Gray who at first holds him at gunpoint. In traditional movie fashion, the 20/30-something young lady falls for the 50-something old man.

    Raft and Gray end up roaming all over London looking for clues, questioning people who seem to have no real connection to the case (at least one that is explained in any kind of detail) which leads to murder and a conclusion in view of the London Bridge. Tiresome in its lack of exposition as to what this is really all about makes for a head-shaking film that seems senseless on every level to pretty much everybody but the screenwriter.