• Warning: Spoilers
    Unfortunately I watched this movie after Amy's O so that be why I only give it a 5. I love Milla Jovovich so it has to be not so good to get just a 5 from me. Owen finds out his now starlet girlfriend, Chloe, still needs him from time to time even though she has cheated on him with her costar, he basically drops everything to be at her beck and call. Owen and Nadine meet through a mutual couples wedding. He is best man and she is the maid of honor. They don't hit it off at first but a friendship starts to burgeon over the ensuing months. They finally consummate the relationship and the very next morning he gets a call from you guessed it. He again drops everything and rushes to Chloe's aide leaving Nadine in his apartment heart broken. In the end he realizes he loves Nadine and leaves Chloe and it all ends happily ever after I suppose.