• Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers? Hmmm...I guess.I read most of the reviews and while I don't have much to say about the movie except it was boring, pretentious and predictable. I did however enjoy the reviews more than the movie itself. They were such well written (yawn) critiques of this film and I see this movie was made for them. My mind wandered throughout most of movie, looking at the trees, sky, rocks , farming equipment and is that cattle? The lack of dialog was frustrating and it gets old watching people stare at each other. I don't think an everyday movie goer would enjoy this flick , but if your in the mood to watch trees, rocks things of that sort ,and not knowing why what happened happens, go for it. I'm also kind of confused as to why the hunter ( the rapist really) (whose attractive and does not need to rape anyone, great casting...not)does what he does but doesn't look happy doing it, but yet comes back with his friends only to look sad about it. Yes. Thought provoking.(eye roll).I am a fan of Peter Stormare, love that guy he's a very versatile actor funny as hell and scary at the same time, but this movie was boooorrrriiingggg.