• Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid

    Rating: 3.4/5 stars

    A wonderful ideology, well-executed within the best of its limitations. "Youngistaan" addresses some pressing and extremely relevant topics, and while the film doesn't always succeed in presenting a lucid theory towards these problems plaguing the nation, it does manage to stir emotions and inspire viewers to a degree by serving a pertinent canvas of political issues.

    Director, Syed Ahmed Afzal, weaves a decent narrative around an inspirational plot, and even though his handling of this complex subject is a tad underwhelming at times, at the end of the day he does manage to get the tone and feel of the film right. Superior scripting and crisper plot transitions could have helped the film convey its message more assuredly, nevertheless, given a chance "Youngistaan" does grow on you over the course of its approximately 2-hour duration.

    Punching way above its weight, "Youngistaan" is pleasantly entertaining and thought-provoking. More importantly, it gives Farooq Shaikh a memorable swansong in a well-written role.