• Warning: Spoilers
    After Predator 2 took you to the city slums and Alien vs. Predator 1 and 2 took you to a campfest, Predators takes you back to the exotic and mysterious feel of the jungle, where a group of mercenaries, soldiers, criminals and doctors mysteriously lands in a jungle located on the planet inhabited by the Predator creatures. They become prey of those aliens in a deadly hunting game and they need to join forces to destroy the creatures and escape the planet.

    Like the original Predator movie, this sequel is action-packed with a scary sci-fi element to it. The plot is intriguing and fast-paced; you won't see much fillers or subplots in this movie - just to-the-point and non-stop action. The parts where each of the group members attempt to survive and escape the Predators' grasp provides heart-pounding excitement, and the personal agenda and secret background of each character give the film suspenseful surprises.

    Nimród Antal did a fine job directing and the writing team provided a pretty solid script. The jungle setting gives you an eerie, exotic and mysterious outer-planet feel, and the design for the classic Predator and the new Predator creatures are creepy, but spectacular.

    A main issue I have with the movie is the cast. Though OK overall, the characters weren't as memorable or impressive as in the original Predator movie and I thought Adrian Brody was terribly miscast as Royce. His over-exerting Batman-style voice and macho image wasn't too convincing for me, though he did make a good effort. Royce's group overall wasn't as heroic or courageous as Dutch's group in the original movie. And, the second issue ***spoiler ahead*** was that I thought the movie was anti-climatic and left too much plot-threads hanging at the end.

    Overall, it doesn't surpass the original Predator movie in entertainment and quality, but miles ahead of the other Predator and Alien vs. Predator sequels in the genre.

    Grade B-