• Warning: Spoilers
    I think that's the problem this movie has: it didn't cast Vincent Price as Vincent Price. Sure, he's gone under different names in his films, but let's be honest, we don't watch him for his characters, we watch him to see all the cool little things that Vincent Price does while on screen. He's much like Tim Curry in that respect.

    This film, however, casts Vincent as Paul Toombes: a down-and-out horror icon whose haunted by the events of his past after his fiancé was murdered (after she was revealed to be a former adult film actress). This of course puts Paul in a bad mood and we get the moody, socially inept Vincent Price that no one wanted and nobody asked for. Adding to the body count of people murdered by the unexplained figure Doctor Death are Paul's liaison into the brave new world of television studios, a young actress who tries much to hard to get in bed with the uninterested Toombes, and her nagging parents who are so annoying that you'll jump up in jubilee when the mysterious murder skewers them in the most joyous of skewerings.

    Only at the film's conclusion does it release Vincent Price from within the confines of Paul Toombes' moody self, end on a happy note that makes absolutely no sense but will ultimately leave you feeling good inside, even if it DOES make absolutely no sense.

    Not the best of Vincent Price's films, but one that is no danger of being remade any time soon.