• I appreciate the effort by the director, he was really trying to create and make a unique experience in film making, which ultimately failed due to several flaws.

    first of, the film captures some of the most beautiful scenery of nature shown in film, very wonderful and breathtaking cinematography.

    the acting was also very solid with most involved, especially the lead actress who produced a brilliant performance.

    So where did it all go wrong ?

    I say the script is at fault here, the character development and backgrounds lacked big time. we really did not have enough background about these people, who are they ? what do they do ? what is the issue with their father and the bad guy ? who are the bad guys ? why are they bad ? too many questions lacked explanations and hence leading to poor definition of characters, ultimately leading to lack of tension and intrigue. I really could not care less what happened to anyone in the film, the villains or bad guys did not scare me enough despite the early rape scene, and the lead heroine or protagonist character failed to make the connection with the viewers, at least with me, enough.

    the plot was decent, started out well but eventually turned into another human hunt film which as i mentioned lacked enough tension and intrigue.

    one minor note is the unique lack of dialog, the whole film possibly contains around 15 to 20 lines of dialog only, it was unique film making, but could it have been the reason of lack of character definition and development ? in that, is why i believe the actress was superb, as she relied on her talent of body language and face expressions in her acting, and deserves praise.

    I got really bored at the end, that i started to fast forward the film to see how it ended. i won't recommend this to anyone, but you might as well give it a try and judge for yourself.