• Warning: Spoilers
    Do yourself a favor and avoid this sh.. show. Everything about Arrow is bad. Acting, directing, story, dialogs, writing, Katie Cassidy, Katie Cassidy and her half expressions and Katie Cassidy. Ah, I almost forgot to tell how bad Katie Cassidy is. She really sucks at acting. Or she is super talented at acting like a girl who cannot act. But it's a fact that she makes this show more painful to watch.

    Story is simple. An über- rich-spoiled-handsome-playboy trapped in an island -for 5 years and came back as a superhero who wants payback. And he uses only supa-duba-suga-baby arrows while his journey continues.

    "Look, there's a locked door!" Bah! No need to be worry, next arrow he picks "randomly" will blast that door. But same arrow will do nothing to Dark Arrow's hand. Because, frak logic.

    All bad guys are ex-stormtroopers I suppose. They always aim bad and shoot last. Shoot sky. Shoot wall. I mean, you gals have a machine gun and that guy has only arrows. You are like 10 guys at there. Just frakking shoot already! But no.

    His mom, sister, lover, best friend won't recognize him because of the hood. Yeah. Probably the best cover since superman's s-shaped-hair.

    No one will ever notice that Arrow and Oliver Queen show up and disappear always the same time. Oliver leaves town, Green Arrow leaves town. Oliver comes back, well, you got the point.

    He has the most annoying sister. She makes you want to slap her in the mouth every time she speaks. And what was the scene at Glades with Roy? Town is about to explode and they made out. Oh god! Gosh! OH MY OH MY! Well writers, congrats, you used every possible cliché. Except saving the city at last second.

    Katie Cassidy... Her body is at there you can say that easily but her face looks like a mask. You can't tell if she's crying or smiling or terrified or happy or about to die or or or or or. She has only a half expression and that's called "open-eyes-and-glare-to-the-person-you-are-facing". I can't believe how bad she is. I liked her in Supernatural. She's not that bad at Harper's Island either. But in Arrow, she kills pixels on your screen.

    And I'm not overreacting, she is really that bad.

    If you have lots and lots free time, go ahead, this could be your time passer. While you are playing solitaire, this show could be your background sound. But if you want to watch something serious, avoid this.