• I created this account only to address the three main complaints the SG-1 naysayers, haters, and otherwise completely ignorant individuals and their raucous babbling keep griping about. Most, if not all, of the negative reviews are composed by those who have only a residual amount of higher-order thinking. With that said, critical thought for these poor souls is a sort of brownish-yellow after-birth, useless; base; and pitiful. So, lets get down to brass tacks, separate the wheat from the chaff, and yolk this contemptuous beast of non-sense. I took the liberty of quoting three "prolific" authors in order to showcase, in their own words, how ill-founded and otherwise illogical their reviews really are.

    MAIN COMPLAINT #1: "How is it that everyone can understand each other perfectly without devices like universal translators or translator microbes? Did the creators of this show realize that people who were taken from different parts of the earth, in different time frames (Attilla the Hun wasn't a contemporary of preliterate Hellenic cultures, nor were the Vikings contemporary to the Pyramid builders) speak different languages and can never develop a language so similar to modern day English(except for the inflections they "do not" use), which has been influenced by Latin, ancient Greek, Danish and French?" - Aaron Driessen

    RETORT #1: Given the average episode length of roughly 44-45 minutes, having to establish new methods of communication every time the SG-1 team encounters a new race would consume significant portions of time, time better spent establishing and adding to the plot. The creators do acknowledge, several times through character dialogue in-fact, that different human cultures have been taken at different times throughout the course of earth's history. Dr. Jackson, the linguist, frequently comments on the language differences, as well as pointing out many root words that have similarities to Latin, Greek, and Mongolian. Also, the Hellenistic cultures were not pre-literate, they were arguably one of the most influential cultures in terms of advancing mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and literature.

    MAIN COMPLAINT #2: "What bothers me the most, is that the show was shot in Canada. I know it's cheaper, but they should have shot it in California, so we could have had scenes in the desert. That would have been more true to the movie. The first scene where they are outside in another world is in the mountains, with lots of pine trees where it looks cold. That does'nt feel very Egyptian. What worked so well in the movie was that it felt like you were in the ancient Egypt. Here it feels like they're running around fighting aliens in a Canadian forest. And it's so lame that apparently, on other planets, the fall comes as well. You can see leaves on the ground in the forests that all look like forests outside Vancouver. It just makes the show even more unbelievable and dumb." - krycek19

    RETORT #2: Krycek, you are either incredibly stupid, or possess an impressively short attention span. The episode you're referring to is the pilot, where the team travels to the planet "Abados", a desert planet, where they meet up with Daniel Jackson and subsequently Skaara is taken by Apophis. Unfortunately, you must have been playing with yourself when they left Abados to travel to Chulak, an entirely different planet, where yes, evergreens along with a different climate exist. Furthermore, why would you argue against fall existing on another planet?! It's a completely logical assumption that, due to the axial tilt of the planet, certain hemispheres could easily experience what we call "fall". Krycek, I advise you stick to shows that require minimal effort on your part, like Bad Girls Club or Pawn Stars.

    MAIN COMPLAINT #3: "I have to admit that my review is based only on the first half of the first season… Who said that all planets should have a breathable atmosphere? How come all the "military" personnel, besides saying sir, do not behave like, or take any decision like a military man would? How come they are so reluctant to use advanced "alien" weapons, which are scattered everywhere because the race that conquered hundreds of planets cannot hit four poorly trained and armored soldiers." - Andrei A

    RETORT #3: Since you didn't watch the whole show, you missed out on the numerous occasions in which the SG-1 team encounter atmospheres and climates that are not breathable, in fact there is one where they almost die from narcoleptic induced sleep by a hostile airborne bacteria. This is why writing a review on something without knowing anything about it makes you look like an ass. Concerning your military question, how would YOU have them act then? Are you some military expert? Furthermore, it's a show for TV, of course not everything is going to be entirely realistic, so unclench your butt-hole and enjoy the show for what it is, space exploration, not military imperialism. They are neither reluctant to use advanced alien weapons and technology. Again, countless times throughout the show, they request to use, borrow, and have many different technologies encountered throughout the series. In fact, the whole point of SG-1 is to discover new cultures and acquire new knowledge and technologies for Earth, so your question is entirely irrelevant.