• There are movies which do not have a story. Then there are movies which have a story, but are make-believe often depicting fabricated elements. Then there is this new, third type of movie in Bollywood that boasts off of a brilliant story but is actually just a gimmick. Ek Villain is one such movie.

    Starting off with the irritating character of Shraddha Kapoor, the film talks about her childish escapades. She meets rowdy Guru (Malhotra), who kills for a living and they fall in love. Now, you have to wait for the gimmickry to enter the scene. Welcome Rakesh (Deshmukh), the only credible character in the film, who also kills out of exasperation. It is only destiny that these twain shall meet. But, unfortunately there's this Almighty element that the film deciphers: God is watching us and it is His work, that the plot of the film is so ridiculous. It also speaks of philosophy and a weeny bit of religious takes on life. I really don't care for such idiotic cinema and it makes me sad (after last week's Humshakals) that Bollywood is lagging behind.

    The climax will finally succeed in bringing out the villain in you. It has all the backing of a thrilling revelation being introduced, but the audience already figure out what it is; the elements of surprise backfires. You will want to go to the projection room, find a screw-driver in the projector man's tool box and go on a rampage to find and at least threaten the makers to stop mixing romance & crime & thriller, resulting in an awful recipe.

    Deshmukh is brilliant, Malhotra is fine, Kapoor still has to learn. Moreover, I hated her performance. Kamaal R Khan should have never been casted; he is another reason you will want to skip this. Supporting cast is nothing appreciable. Direction is bad (what can one expect from Suri?) and the screenplay adopts non-linearity but fails to form a crux out of it. As a result, the screenplay falters. The goofy sequences constitute more of dull ones than good ones to the ratio 70:30. So, there's only 30% of the whole film that you are bound to enjoy and that includes the unending stream of romantic songs and hymns.

    BOTTOM LINE: Ek Villain is a gory musical and that is the worst combination a film can carry, to entertain. Avoidable!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    Violence: Strong | Gore: Strong