• Will try Not to be too harsh....But The much hyped movie of this year landed with a even bigger thud......I couldn't understand whether it was Ashiqui Part 3 or entirely a new movie.....or we can say an incompetent version of so many movies clumped together...while i was looking for something extra edgy...the movie was quite as anyone would have expected....There was basically no sto...ry ....and it was so disappointing...Mohit Suri's direction was terrible.....the narration was confusing and running haphazardly....Mr.ceaser with his accent was nothing more than a stand up comedian who failed to give u laughter doses even....The Police officer was the mos unnecessary edition.....what was inside Mohit's mind when he scripted for that role, i wonder....

    Now what saved the movie......ACTING.....AND BEST MUSIC SCORES OF THE YEAR....Shraddha Kapoor surely knows how to act...she was simple, strong, edgy, chirpy, and was having perfect timing....she was so natural both in looks and acting, loved her. Siddharth,on the other hand , was able to break free of her chocolaty image and was stunning as angry young man with those long legs, rugged looks, cold voice , he was perfect for the role. What came out as a big surprise was RIteish, who delivered a great piece and can cherish it throughout his acting career...Thee were few scenes in the beginning, where the romance was blooming, which made me shed a few drops out of joy and love. Those scenes were so beautiful and perfect...every boy and girl would love to see themselves in their positions....beautifully picturised....like carrying her out of the hospital, those moments on hill top,catching butterfly, collecting pearls and many more....those scenes made me happy...and yes Prachi Desai was quite a stunnerr in that performances

    Actually what destroyed the movie, was Director's confusion about its theme...But Who is the Villain? Its for U to find out....M confused..

    One Timer........Disappointed