• Ek Villain. Mohit Suri takes a break from Mahesh Bhatt productions and directs a movie for another intelligent producer Ekta Kapoor. As usual, he gets inspired largely from a foreign movie, this time it is Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil". He puts an Indian love story and supports the narrative with highly hummable songs. The love story and emotional connect works big time but thrilling parts are a bit lazy and hazy.

    Guru played by very good looking and versatile Sidharth Malhotra is a ruthless assassin. He meets the all good girl Aisha played by gorgeous the girl next door Shraddha Kapoor. Predictable but enjoyably and sensibly both fall in love. In fact emotional scenes are very well handled and provide enough to root for the characters. In a parallel world, Rakesh played by super Ritesh Deshmukh is living two lives, living a below average life with his nagging wife and cute son and killing innocent ladies who dare to belittle him. Two lives coincide and you have a cat mouse chase between Guru and Rakesh. Story lacks logic sometimes but impressive performances, soulful music and fast pacing let you forgive the flaws. Remo as Guru's Godfather and KRK (yes, Kamal R Khan) as Rakesh's friend are heavily miscast. Intervention by useless police inspector in Guru's revenge story is annoying and does not serve any purpose. Connect between Sidharth and Rakesh's kid works as a fresh twist to old revenge drama concept.

    I am going with good 7 out of 10 for Ek Villain. Far from perfect, movie fails somewhat in exploiting its huge potential but actors trio and music makes it a very descent one time watch.