• Warning: Spoilers
    An average film which is passable for a one time watch but will not leave a lasting impression. There are no twists and turns in the movie as far as the storyline is concerned.

    It is a reflection of the contemporary scenario in Indian politics with all its flaws of petty partisanship, corruption, dynasty politics, self centered leaders which are out of sync with the aspirations of the common man and the helplessness of a single person trying to be the change. It is about a young man who is overnight passed on the responsibility of leading the largest democracy in the world.

    The movie depicts the change in the nature of attitude of the protagonist form being a reluctant leader to one who is aware of his roots and the greatness of his nation. As the movie progresses he realizes the real problems hindering the progress of the nation and tries to change things for the better.

    At the same time he has to manage his personal life and the movie also shows the change in outlook of friends, girlfriend and family regarding the responsibility entrusted to the hero.

    The movie has various subtle messages like living life on your own terms, being righteous, expected role of leaders, the importance of ideals in politics, the capability of the youth to change the society, the reasons to participate in democratic process, and so on.

    At the same time it draws parallel to Indian leaders and I felt that the Pranab interview scene a taking it a bit too far. It was as if the movie wanted to redeem someone.

    All and all, as I earlier stated it can be a one time watch. Maybe with a higher level of acting by the main characters or something new in the storyline could have improved the film