• BUSY BODIES is another of Laurel & Hardy's best shorts. In fact, the shorts which featured the pair as handymen inevitably provided the best backdrops for their unique brand of slapstick-heavy comedy; check out THE MUSIC BOX and THE FINISHING TOUCH for more of the same.

    This one's well remembered as the one set in the sawmill, as the accident-prone twosome get up to all sorts of mischief. The short almost writes itself with a string of outrageously funny gags in which the pair fall foul of various tools as they attempt to carry out their work. At one stage, BUSY BODIES becomes a live-action cartoon when Ollie is sucked into a chute and we see his body being thrown around; great special effects.

    Unsurprisingly, both actors are at the top of their game here and watching their interplay is funny in itself. The short as a whole feels fresh and inventive and it's the sort of thing I could watch again immediately upon finishing it, it's that good. Check it out!