• Warning: Spoilers
    20 yrs. ago, this movie has been recommended to me as a cool, exciting Western, by the guy from a video store, a rental store (instead, it's trite and boring). Here, Rourke began what has become a series of villain roles ('Double Team', by Tsui Hark, 'Out in Fifty' by B. Christopher and S. Leet, 'Get Carter' by Kay, 'Picture Claire' by McDonald, 'Shergar' by Lewiston)—either thugs or sleazy gangsters. His appearance reminds of Brando's '60s follies. It's also his true first descent into trash.

    By his glamor, Rourke always reminded more of Brando, than of Clift or Newman. Instead of the Leone movie, he got this valueless role as a bastard and mean officer.

    And suddenly, there's his Asian, striking, outlandish, mean, undeserved look, as if he was playing an alien warlord, with his newfound burnout ugliness and pulp thug menace. From now on, there's no more about hijacking scripts, but about Rourke doing movies on his own, having it his own way, irrespective of what everyone else on the set is doing. His role here could as well fit into one of the cheap fantasy movies of the '80s, like 'The Beastmaster' by Coscarelli, or others.

    Otherwise, 'The Last Outlaw' is worthless rubbish, with an annoying lead; I had already seen Dermot Mulroney in 'Bad Girls', and didn't like him.

    Costner, Willis, Gibson, Gere, Hackman, Crowe, Depp did images of broadly Western types, from various epochs, in the '90s; Cruise didn't.