• Warning: Spoilers
    I just love that villain from DC comics doomsday he is awesome just like the hulk who is my most favorite hero ever in marvel comics when i saw this film that name keep popping up in my head that why this film is called daydream nation it should be called doomed nation because of the things female lead character was doing i wished this movie would finish so i could do other work but no i kept watching this only for Kat Dennings she is one actress that i really like other then that this film is below average & a mediocre attempt nothing more.

    The Plot:Caroline Wexler just moved from big city to a small town she is a lovely girl who goes to high school but finds her teacher attractive & handsome then starts a sexual affair with him also Thurston is a guy who likes Caroline this starts a conflict which will be very hard for Caroline to deal with.

    The character of Caroline Wexler has no moral values or self respect & code the teacher had no fault in this he fell for her,all she do is complain about everything instead of helping out others & having sex with random people,behaves like a slut most of the time,one thing i hated was why Caroline was even with Thurston he was a complete looser who cant trust a girl second Barry Anderson was the only guy who deserves Caroline & she dumps him.

    The Cast:all of the actors were nice to see but Josh Lucas & Kat Dennings do their best despite the bad script,pointless dialogs.

    May i ask why this was not a soft core movie the makers were so desperate to strip Kat Dennings naked but she is just one beautiful lady the audience wont like it hence they gave her a bad role which i say she nailed it perfectly.

    Overall if you love Kat Dennings like me then Daydream Nation 2010 is for you my rating is 4/10.