• Warning: Spoilers
    Dick Van Dyke arguably justifiably puts the world out of his wife's misery (It was humane, he didn't torture her with his rendition of a cockney accent beforehand), but then loses all respect, from me, by offing a puppy-like ex-con, in a cold act of misdirection.

    Nothing needs to be said about Falk, other than I don't believe in god, but I believe in Columbo.

    Van Dyke is a good villain, the fact that you may not feel as involved with him as you might with some of the other Columbo classics, is testament to a solid performance that doesn't over-egg the pudding.

    I'm dithering between giving this a 6 or a 7, I think Van Dyke's assistant brings it up to 6.5 alone, for her amazing hotness, and I love the wino (a caricature certainly, but well done), and the driving instructor amuses, although the scene with the nun does go on slightly.

    The solution may be far from perfect, but it was still fun, perhaps a prime example of, 'Columbo being a dick', to get the Van Dyke. And why not?