• This show is a masterpiece! I am amazed at the originality of the writing and the great performances by Nick Kroll, Jon Daly and the rest of the cast. I recommend this show to anyone that appreciates satirical parodies of reality shows and TV dramas.

    My embarrassing guilty pleasure is watching reality TV or what my husband like to call "trash"as a mean to relax, and the Kroll Show makes me feel that I am not alone in seeing the absurdity of its "reality" but still watch anyways because it makes me feel intellectually superior. The show makes satire accessible to all audiences because it brings a funny twist to characters we are all familiar with, without over amplifying or going into extremes to prove a point.

    It is brilliant, entertaining and very very VERY FUNNY!

    Thank you Comedy Central for giving this show a second season, which turned out to exceed our expectations!

    **My favorite characters are "Bobby Bottleservice", "Dr.Armand", "C-zar" and "Liz"