• This is perhaps the worst garbage ever existed on TV screen. the screenplays were stupid, exaggerated, ridiculed, twisted, and most of all, pretentious to the extreme. Portland is such a beautiful and unique city that made all the cities on the map of the United States look so boring and stereotyped lifeless. Yet this series used two the most unlikable and pretentious mediocre actors to play the main couple roles. What a joke!

    We have been visiting Portland twice a year since our elder son moved to that city years ago from southern California. After visited Portland so many years and so many times, we finally understood why he never wanted to move back to California. Portland is a city has its uniqueness. Yes, the city are full of down-and-out dandy residents, but the air and the atmosphere are uplifting and unpretentious. This city teaches you how to live with limited income but still could live freely and enjoyable.

    There are so many districts in this city that have their own characters. This is a city that the residents know the tricks of how to get by with limit incomes but still feel they are rich than most of the people living in other cities. This is a city that still got the disgusting fast food chains, but like no other cities in America, they are not the typical eye-sores like what we see in California or other states, because the eat-out dining culture in Portland is so abundantly kaleidoscopic colorful, every district and every street got its own characteristic specialties, they are so unique and so different from any other city's life style.

    This city is also the capital of bicycle theft, almost every one you know had the experience of lost their bicycle, no matter how you tried to protect it, yet this city's bicycle culture never dwindled but keeps on growing, somewhere in this city, the bike lanes are wider than the motor vehicles lanes.

    A city with fresh thick cut salmon slices on their Su-Shi conveyor platform, 3-times thicker and 3 times fresh than what you paid for in any other city. would put shame on all other Su-Shi bars/restaurants in any city in America @ $1.85 a plate!

    This is a city surrounded by breath-taking scenery spots that put shame to what the cities in California claimed as their best "scenic drives".

    This is not a city portrayed like this stupid farce, full of clowns, jerks, brain-dead, pin-heads, pretentious extremists. A city full of smokers, pets, bike thieves, junkies, do-nothing and do-little white trash, tight-arss stubborn Republicans, mindless and goalless liberals...and so on, but they accommodated to each other nicely and peacefully. A city with most of the sidewalks smell dogs urine, a city with water pan put in front of almost every store for dog lovers-slaves, a city full of residents wearing fashionable and flashy dresses covered with cat hairs. A city with residents who never pay any attention to rains or snow, a city where residents like to wear clothes with hoods, so they can still mindlessly walk in the rains anytime they want; people walking in the street holding umbrellas on a raining day only expose themselves outsiders or just tourists. This is a city where people live there knowing how to wholeheartedly appreciate a sunny day. A city people still like to hold and read a REAL book in any season, especially in a rainy or snowy winter day.

    In summary, you don't have the right to portray a city and its residents @ such an insulting, pretentious, exaggerated and, unrealistic angle.