• Warning: Spoilers
    Well it's dated, for sure, but the thing that bugged me was the score. It's by Maurice Jarre, quite rhythmic and avant-garde. But who cut it with the images? From the first scene I found it irritating, relentless and inappropriate. Later there's a long, slow scene when the doctor enters the garage and pursues one of his victims upstairs, and the music just keeps banging on and on, when all I really wanted was a few cuts between hunter and prey and some minimal sound effects, maybe even some silence. And what was with the continuous barking of the dogs? Were they trying to unsettle the audience? Just irritating.

    I enjoyed the simple story, but I don't understand this film's reputation. It has original touches but it's not a patch on, say, Carnival of Souls from around the same time. There's no reflection on beauty and the nature of masks. In the end they don't even resolve the involvement of the junior doctor and the detectives.

    I was watching a poor quality, dubbed version, so maybe I missed the point.