• A little masterpiece with a very particular and original style. Whoever dismisses "The Genital Warriors" as a simple love story isn't doing this independent work justice. The film moves wonderfully nimbly through space and time, obliterating modern viewing habits with an unusually mindful sense of style and genre for a debut. This entertaining volatility doesn't even stop at the characters, some of which are played by different actors, a stylistic device that works brilliantly throughout the entire piece and always provides for moments of surprise and amusement. The movie offers loads of variety on the visual level, too: Individual episodes were shot on different formats (black and white, color, Super 8, 16mm, digital…) and combined with each other in a very convincing montage.

    "The Genital Warriors" is a colorful bouquet flowers with heart-refreshing thumbnails. Quirky, whimsical and one-of-a-kind. A must-see movie!