• Warning: Spoilers
    Thank you MeTV out of Tampa for running this series. You would have to be pretty much of a senior to remember the cast but Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Robert Coote and Gladys Cooper must have had some fun together on the sets. And of course there were the short appearances of David Niven to add to the fun. I had forgotten this series that was the forerunner of Checkmate, Mission, Impossible, Hustle, Leverage, et al. Obviously everyone enjoys a show that features characters who set out to right wrongs and do so through deception and duplicity; so if you hanker for a bit of nostalgia or just want to see some old movie pros doing their thing on TV then catch this series if possible. A few years after this series Gig Young was able to pull himself together long enough to win an Oscar for They Shoot Horses, Don't They; but he acquits himself well here as Tony Fleming who seems to be the central star. Gladys Cooper may be remembered by some as Mrs. Hamilton, the old lady charmed by Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife. David Niven may be remembered for his portrayal of Sir Charles Lytton in The Pink Panther even though he had a considerable movie career. Charles Boyer and Robert Coote, I fear, are almost forgotten by modern audiences.