• The charm of 'Our Zoo' is that it is based on the incredible true story of a man called George Mottershead, who with his family in the 1930s had a vision to build a zoo without bars. This zoo is Chester Zoo and today has been named by trip adviser as No 1 in the UK and is the most visited tourist attraction in the UK outside London. Also pleasing to know is Chester Zoo has also evolved with the times and today is now heavily involved in conservation work.

    George despite having no formal higher education was a pioneer in keeping animals in enclosures without bars. He wasn't very wealthy but was determined to create a zoo where animals would be happier and well cared for. Incredibly resourceful as well as being quite a risk taker, he was also very fortunate to have the support of his family, who had strengths which complemented his own and were willing to work hard to make the zoo a success. In 1930, it was the time of the depression and George was able to purchase 'Oakfield' a manor house at a bargain price at auction, along with stables,a conservatory, lodge and a 7 acres of grounds. The story is based on the struggle George and his family had to open the zoo due to local opposition, including that of the local reverend. George found to his surprise the local gentry taking an interest and providing support as many of them already kept themselves exotic pets. This is an inspiring story with all the elements needed in a drama to keep the viewer entertained. The acting is superb in it and the sets and costumes take you back to the wonderful era of the 1930s.